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          About Us

          Jinan Baoshan Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd., which is located in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Pro. Of China, the hometown of the most famous woman poet in Ancient China- Li Qingzhao. It was formerly called Dongfanliu Petrochemical Parts Factory, which was founded in 1987, and since then it has been engaged in the R&D and manufacture of petroleum equipment and parts for nearly 30 years. It was renamed Jinan Baoshan Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd., through the stock-reform in Sep.2004.


          Baoshan mainly produce the Replacement parts for oil&gas drilling and well service Mud pump and Plunger pump, such as fluid end module, liner, valve&seat, piston, piton rod, clamp, pony rod,plunger,crankshaft,pinion shaft, gear,crosshead,connecting rod,pulsation dampener,safety valve,and so on.
          Every part we make is strictly according to API standard , and is completely exchangeable with original parts of many famous brands of pump, such as National, Oilwell,Emsco,Ideco, Gardner Denver, Bomco,Honghua, TSC,URALMASH,Halliburton,SPM,Serva,Jereh,and so on.
          Baoshan also manufacture the Complete mud pump and plunger pump, and provide Installation, Maintaining and Overhaul services.
          Baoshan manufacture a full line of triplex Mud Pumps from 350HP to 2200HP, include F series,3NB series, P series and PZ series. All of them are manufactured under API License and interchangeable with the OEM.
          Baoshan manufacture a full-line of triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps from 600 to 2500 Horsepower, inlcude HT-400, TWS-600(S),TWS-1000,TWS-2250,TWS-2500,etc.
          With strong technical strength and processing capacity, and strict quality control, Baoshan has passed the ISO 9001,ISO14000 and ISO18001 certification, and got the right to use API Spec 7K monogram.
          With superior quality,reasonable price,and meticulous service, Baoshan`s products have won good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets.Baoshan has been the supplier of CNPC,Sinopec and CNOOC, the three largest petroleum companies in China for many years. Baoshan is also the supplier of many famous drilling contractors and disturibuors in US,Canada,Russia,UAE,Saudi,Iran,Egypt,Algeria,etc.
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